Pear Drop


Times were simpler...

It's Friday afternoon and the bell rings, schools out. It's Blockbuster night, Super Smash Bros. is back in stock and that N64 is calling for it.

But first things first...

You've scraped together a quid from your lunch money for the inevitable pick 'n' mix on the way home. Pear Drops are a staple in the mix, to fuel you through Kirby's up-tilt which Kyle from next door loves to cheese.

Recreate that feeling one more time but unlike the Pear Drops from the corner shop, Wraith® Pear Drop contains zero sugar! Zero sugar = zero crash.


Wraith is a brand-new gaming supplement that will hit you with the biggest energy & focus boost of any product on the market. It's been specially formulated to help gamers, streamers, content creators and esports athletes stay at the top of their game for longer.

Energy, Focus & Hydration 

200mg Caffeine
1000mg Taurine
Amino Acids
Zero Sugar
Natural Flavouring


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