Black Mesa Orange Shaker


The Wraith Black Mesa Orange Shaker

One of the only salvageable items from the Lambda incident... the Black Mesa Orange Shaker.

When it arrives, if you don't open your package with a crowbar, we'll be disappointed. In an amazing display of our generosity, we'll gladly give these away for free... as soon as GabeN announces "number three", hopefully some time this side of 3019.

No Leaks + The Perfect Mix + No Waste 

Our shakers have been designed to deliver Wraith to you in the way it was meant to be tasted. Holding a single serving, so there's no waste, our leak-proof design sports measurements on the rear so that you can dilute Wraith to your taste. We recommend 400ml-500ml of fresh, ice cold water. Why not try it with cubed or crushed ice, for the ultimate in-game refreshment.

• BPA-free plastic
• Hard wearing UV-resistant print
• Leak-proof cap
• Capacity: 500ml
• Mixing ball included