Thanks for stopping by, I'm pretty sure we're the only energy drink company out there where the guys who started it are actually gamers and content creators themselves. We know we've created an amazing energy drink, but we also wanted to make a community of like-minded people. We want to know your story, watch your streams, your VODs and see you win more games! We actually care about what our customers are up to, because we do the same stuff too.
So please, join our Discord channel, where you'll find a wonderful community of fellow gamers and content creators. There's plenty going on including tournaments, giveaways, and even the opportunity to help us shape where Wraith is going. Welcome to the Cult!

TedtheWraith - CEO of Wraith Energy


the thing you need to know about us, IS THAT WE'RE GAMERS FIRST

We're crazy about video games. It's a fact. We know that to win, you need to be firing on all cylinders. Did you know that our Head of Partnerships was 6th in the world at Rainbow Six Vegas 2? Does it get better than that?...Well yes, but try and beat him. We formulated Wraith® to help you achieve the highest level you're capable of. Our blend of stimulants, B-vitamins and anti-oxidants has been formulated to keep your mind and body in the zone you need to be in to win. We knew the moment we tried it that we had rocket-fuel in our shaker. Give it a try yourself, and see just how far you can go.

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The Founding Squad



TedTheWraith began life as player 2 on his Brother's Super Nintendo. It didn't take him long to promote himself to Player 1 where his hunger for any and all video games could not be contained. More recently he's been streaming on Twitch when he gets the chance (it's hard to have a reliable schedule when you're a busy CEO).
Favourite Games: Half Life 2, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda: OoT, Resident Evil 4.
Top Gaming Moment: 1st Place in the Tudor House Street Fighter 2 Tournament 2019. Fishing in Ocarina of Time for longer than he's played most other games.


Head of Partnerships

OneMan started his gaming journey on the Master System, staying up until the early hours with his Dad, scrolling sideways through Operation Wolf and has never looked back!
Favourite Games: Banjo-Kazooie, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Duke Nukem 64, Castlevania: SOTN, Mario Kart 64.
Top Gaming Moment: Winning the EU Team ladder of Rainbow Six Vegas in 2007. 6th in the world Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Team Deathmatch.



MagicMan spent most of his childhood glued to either his Game Boy or PlayStation.
Since then he has graduated into the modern gaming world, although he does still play pokémon with a worm light.
Favourite Games: Pokémon Yellow, Sonic & Knuckles, THPS3, Crash Bandicoot, Trials Rising
Top Gaming Moment: Once progressed to the second level of the Lion King on Mega Drive.