Ninja Green Shaker


The Wraith Ninja Green Shaker

Grab a Ninja Green Shaker and a slice of your favourite pizza!

Ensure you keep the high ground in whatever game you play without the need to use a bo staff, sword, nunchuck or sai. All you need is a shaker and a scoop of Wraith!


No Leaks + The Perfect Mix + No Waste 

Our shakers have been designed to deliver Wraith to you in the way it was meant to be tasted. Holding a single serving, so there's no waste, our leak-proof design sports measurements on the rear so that you can dilute Wraith to your taste. We recommend 400ml-500ml of fresh, ice cold water. Why not try it with cubed or crushed ice, for the ultimate in-game refreshment.

• BPA-free plastic
• Hard wearing UV-resistant print
• Leak-proof cap
• Capacity: 500ml
• Mixing ball included