Strawberry & Kiwi

An original legend of the Wraith® line-up, Strawberry-Kiwi disappeared under mysterious circumstances. What happened? Was its summery, sweet tang too addictive? Where has it been hiding all this time? Does it taste the same as before?
All these questions will be answered in time, all you need to know is that it's been brought back from the dead by Wraith himself using his rarely used powers of reincarnation!... Which is kind of a big deal.


Wraith is a brand-new gaming supplement that will hit you with the biggest energy & focus boost of any product on the market. It's been specially formulated to help gamers, streamers, content creators and esports athletes stay at the top of their game for longer.

Energy, Focus & Hydration 

200mg Caffeine
1000mg Taurine
Amino Acids
Zero Sugar
Natural Flavouring

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