Cool Cool White Tallboi Shaker

Step back from the cliff's edge and put Tuxie down!

Whether you're racing penguins, finding a snowman's lost head or doing the RIGHT thing and returning Tuxie to her Momma, Wraith will make sure you keep your cool and focus all the way to the castle!

How can you collect all the stars and not collect all the shakers too!?


The fans asked for it, and we listened. The Wraith® Tallbois were one of the most requested products on our Discord server. They've been designed so that you can enjoy your drink for longer, no more refilling mid-stream. As usual, we recommend 400ml-500ml of fresh, ice cold water. But if you're really bold, filling this shaker to the top and double-scooping might be for you. Why not try it with cubed or crushed ice, for the ultimate in-game refreshment.

• BPA-free plastic
• Hard wearing UV print
• Dishwasher safe
• Leak-proof cap
• Capacity: 800ml (outside measures up to 600ml)
• Integrated carry handle  
• Mixing ball included


Combine two shakers to create your own custom colourway: