Pre-Release Booster Packs


Try Wraith's® new flavours before anyone else.

This time around, it's all three flavours from our new Cocktails Collection!

Maybe you're already a Cocktail connoisseur but if you're like Wraith's cocktails; a 'virgin' of the mixology scene, here's what to expect:

Cosmo: Lime gives the flavour a certain sourness combatted by the sweetness of a light orange flavour. Rounded off with the tartness of cranberry. There's a Christmas Party in your mouth!

Mojito: A staple cocktail and Thad Castle's favourite. Lime and Mint... fans of sourness rejoice!

Pornstar Martini: Got a sweet tooth? Then you might be a fan of Pornstars! Passionfruit and vanilla will make you think you need to book in that dentist appointment early... But this is Wraith® - Zero Sugar, full flavour!